Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Moments

We went down to the lake tonight to get a glimpse of the cold, cold beach and I just couldn't resist the beautiful Lilacs any longer growing on top of the hill. Every year, I can hardly wait until the beautiful purple blossoms open up and the sweet perfume fills the air...sometimes you can catch it in a breeze. In my opinion, the season for Lilacs is much too short..although that may be what adds to their magic.

I have been known to climb through deep ditches, sticker bushes and mud to get to these flowers. Year after year, it has been a joke in my family. I fill my house with vase, glass and jar until the air is thick and heady. We stopped to gather a few branches tonight and
Maya says, "The Earth sure is sweet for making us these flowers!"
River adds, "And she sure is graceful!" with a big smile beaming from cheek to cheek.
Maya responds, "What does graceful mean?"
To which her big brother confidently replies, "I'm not sure exactly, but I know the Earth deserves to be called that. Look at these!!!"

When I look over at them, they are both holding their Lilac treasures up to their faces and breathing deep....

The heady fragrance of my favorite flower and the purity of the moment brought us all back to center. These are the times I never want to forget....and maybe, just as Lilacs have always reminded me of my Mama who shares the day my kids, all grown and living their own lives will smell them and think of me as they share the magic with those they love.

Bright Blessings!!!

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