Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Drops of Sunshine

The Marsh Marigolds are in bloom everywhere I look. All along the trails at the the wetlands near my house...along the road on the way to the beach...and yet until this year I never knew what they were called or even noticed them for that matter. This year, their radiant yellow glow has caught my eyes and filled me with hope. After a long winter, the sunshine returns...after a failed will grow once more.

Leaves rounded, heart, or kidney-shaped, dark green
...heart shaped leaves..glorious!

Stems hollow, 8"-24" tall, mostly arising from the base
...hollow like I strive to be..empty so that Gods energy may fill me from my crown chakra down to where my feet meet the sweet up and let the light shine through..

Roots deep, tangled
...deeply grounded..oh the lessons learned from this amazing green spirit!

Marsh marigold
he more research I did the more I found this flowering plant truly is a healer...

Early physicians used Caltha palustris to treat dropsy, anemia, coughs and convulsions. Warts were treated with a drop a day of the plant's juice until the wart disappeared. Native Americans used various preparations of the roots to treat colds and open sores, as an aid in childbirth and to induce vomiting, and as a protection against love charms; infusions of leaves were taken for constipation. Leaves gathered from the plant before it bloomed in the spring were cooked thoroughly to destroy a toxic alkaloid they contain and used as greens by many tribes of the northern US. Early settlers often pickled the flower buds; in fact that particular dish was quite a delicacy in restaurants on the east coast. The blossoms of Marsh Marigolds have also been used to make wine and were the source of a brilliant yellow dye.

These amazing little drops of sunshine were blossoming everywhere I looked and appeared to be a sign..a message..someone somewhere was telling me that everything was going to be alright. If these bright yellow flowers could make there way up through the mud and into the light of Spring, surely I could too.

Bright Blessings!



This a picture I took while hiking April 22, 2008 at the Dunes State Park.

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