Wednesday, September 23, 2009

29 Trips Around the Sun

Today marks the 29th anniversary of my birth.
Today is MY day.
That one day a year that symbolizes a new beginning for me.
My first breath was taken moments
after my birth on this very day.
April 23rd.
Brisk air. Sunshine.
Daffodils. New green grass.

This has always been a day of hope for me.
New goals created…dreams met…
the beginning of the rest of my life.
On this April 23rd I was joyfully pulled
from slumber by the laughter of my two
amazing babies singing a birthday song.
As I rose to my feet,
I said a silent, but mighty prayer:
Thank you God for another year.
And so it goes…another trip around the sun.

The lake is in motion today.
Waves crashing against the shore…
never idle since it's beginnings…
always changing yet staying constant…
evolving with every ripple.
The tide goes in and out so carelessly…
so harmoniously.
Mother lake is a great teacher.
To her I give thanks and praise.
All the times she has been here to catch my tears and feel my joy.
This April 23rd is mixed with both.
But I still thank the Gods for this day.
This opportunity to start fresh..
to look out to the future..
let go of the past and remain here cradled in the sand
and rocked by the waves
as my children's laughter
mingles with the sounds of the shore.

That is my birthday present to me.

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