Friday, April 20, 2012

Epiphany ~ March 1st 2012

Brown rice cooking on the stove.
A cup of hot tea in hand.
Indie music on Pandora.
Two cats sleeping on the back of my vintage couch.
Laundry washing with organic soap & homemade wool dryer balls that was created with
wool that I purchased from a local farmer. 
 I washed, carded and dyed it for 15 other women to make wool dryer balls this week too.  
At a meeting for a non- profit group of families that chose to live holistically that I helped create.
Floors freshly mopped with homemade cleaner & essential oils.
Preparing a program for Saturdays Whole Kids organic nutrition class.
Earlier this morning, knitting while watching Wayne Dyers The Shift 
and sipping organic fair trade french press coffee.
Getting ready to do some yoga before I make curry, gather the kids from the 
environmental charter school and head to my office to give a couple massages.
Looking into signing up for the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago.
Ordering organic seeds and contacting a friend about installing my raised garden beds.

In this moment, I realized by looking back upon the sum of what my day has consisted of,
 I am living the exact life I always have hoped to be.
There may not be a farm with a chicken coop & beehives.
The sheep & alpaca will come one day.
The big, bearded enlightened organic farmer man in due time.
But for now, right here in this moment, in this house in the middle of this small town, 
we are making it happen.
And for that, I am so grateful.