Sunday, March 13, 2011

~Weekend Thrifting Goodness~

I LOVE vintage Pyrex.  Like love, love it.
Like gasp loudly in antique stores when I find a piece I love.

A sweet little dollhouse table for Maya's Fairy corner. 
Maple Syrup isn't cheap.  This is a perfect solution to little hands pouring too much!
Mr. Salt & Mrs. Peppy  :)
Lovin' this aluminum ice cube tray.  I'm trying to get rid of plastic any way I can in this house. 

So many fun treasures were found this weekend!! 

River fell in LOVE with these glasses.
And, last but certainly not least...I found my couch!!!

I have been on the hunt for a funky vintage couch since mine was destroyed in the tornado last year.
Here she is.  10 feet of the most ridiculous buttery yellow goodness.
I found a similar sofa on etsy for over $2,000.-
This mid-century modern, custom-made piece cost me just under $150.!!!!
In perfect shape & just professional cleaned. 
Every time I walk into the living room I giggle.
It is SO ridiculously huge.
I'm dreaming of the perfect bright fabric to make some pillows for it soon..
and plan to get some local vintage art framed this week to hang above it.
My son & I can both lay comfortably across it together..ha!
And, it's Kava kitty approved.  ;)


Always thrilled to find old treasures & this weekend truely knocked my socks off!

Happy Weekending!



  1. ~Now THAT"S a great thrifting weekend!!!

    ~congrats,loving the rockin' couch!

    ~Totally envious of the little red pyrex dish and syrup pourer.

    ~I found a pair or pourers yesterday but they wanted $25!!!! what happened to getting a steal???


  2. Oh gasp, swoon! I am so jealous of your Pyrex. I squeal when I see it too. I love your ice tray. I used to cut myself on those all the time at my grandma's house, but I loved them!
    Congrats on the couch score and all of your other treasures!
    xo, Ang from Peach Coglo

  3. Awesome ice cube tray!
    The couch is FANTASTIC!! I love the length and the colour! Sweet find!

  4. That is so cute that you giggle when you go into the lounge room & see it. I'm sure your lounge is just as tickled, x. Kava looks suitaBble chuffed. Happiness all round. Beautiful story, thank you Sara.