Sunday, March 27, 2011

{ Right Now }

Right now, I am....

Recovering from a busy burst of clients in the office.  I tripled my clientele in the last two weeks alone.  For that I am grateful.

Beaming because South Shore Grow now has a website & discussion forum!  Visit our non-profit natural family living community online & check back often as the site is being worked on still.  There are so many great threads on it already!

Looking forward to Spring Break and four fun filled days spent at a water park in Wisconsin Dells..1 week & counting!

Admiring the awareness my children show constantly regarding food choices and living simply.  This morning before breakfast they commented on how proud they were of their meal.  Eggs from a 85 year old farmer friend, bread I baked last night slathered in jam we made from the cherries picked in out neighbors parents yard.  A series of simple choices bringing together a very symbolic meal.

Celebrating my Mamas' Birthday! We had a lovely dinner out at a beautiful Italian restaurant this weekend with the whole family!

Grounding myself by getting back into my morning Yoga & juicing routine. 
It is Spring and that means it is time to start a cleanse soon!

Creating many, many beautiful things with my knitting needles.  I've come to a point where there has been a shift in my knitting and I am understanding and seeing things in a different way.  Sunday I made a beautiful cowel for my Mama in under 4 hours.  Currently, I have washcloths, a Waves scarf for Miss Maya, a Summer Prayer Shawl, a Noro Cowl and a Lace Mohair Scarf on the needles.  Details on my Ravelry page. 

Smiling REALLY big because last night, Soccer season officially started for the kids!  I just LOVE spending my weekends watching their games & my week nights knitting on a blanket in a soccer field as they practice.  Precious down time for me that I SO look forward to. 

Preparing for my best friends Bridal Shower.  There is a lot of creativity going on in this house lately as we plan center pieces, sew table runners and make party favors.

Loving this site I recently stumbled across : The Long Thread as I am preparing for a weekly Waldorf inspired craft class I will be teaching at the library soon. (more details on that soon!)

Praising my 11 year old son as he picks up the knitting needles more.  He is getting quite good and is sure the increased finger dexterity will benefit his guitar playing.  He is working on fingerless gloves now.  On DPN's.  Did I menion that I've never even used DPN's?!?

What is going on in your world right now
 As for me, I am going to finish sipping my tea
& head into the office to see one of my favorite clients. 
~Love & Light~


  1. How wonderful so many good things are happening and so much to look forward to also! I love hearing about your breakfast, your children's awareness and your son's use of the DPNs.

  2. Congratulations on your growing client list. Today I am delighting in the cooler weather. Autumn is certainly at our home & I'm so relieved after heat, heat, heat. I'm planting seeds of all types, stewing fruit & looking for a shawl pattern. It is only now I can think about using wool or yarn as you call it. Take precious care, Katie x