Monday, March 7, 2011

Tales From the Table ~

"How did you get so deep & spiritual?" he asked.
"Most people go their entire lives without knowing the peace you carry."
I had to stop massaging, taken back by his comment.
"Well, I don't know really."  I replied, as I gently worked on a trigger point in his low back.
"You're just always so centered and so wise for your age.  You have these amazing children who are so smart and aware.  You seem  Does it surprise you that people want to be just like you.  That people like me envy you?  That people look up to you with so much respect?"
"Me?!?  Peaceful?  Centered?" I replied while images of my most recent anxiety attacks flashed before my eyes.  "Oh, I get shook up.  Quite often."
"But you still manage to carry a peace and a knowing with you gracefully.  I'm honored to know you.  Many people are.  That alone says something big about your character. So tell me, Sara, when did your spiritual journey begin?  Were you always like this?"
"Well...I dunno.  I guess when I was a teenager I read a lot of books seeking more."
"But what was it that made you read those books? 
What  made you seek more?  Most people don't bother."

I hmmm'd and hawwwed.  Not sure what to say.  There is a fine line I walk with clients keeping my personal life to myself as I become closer to them each session it gets harder & harder as they become my friends.

"I remember seeing God once." he said.  "I was on a beach in Puerto Rico.  I had just recently returned from Vietnam.  I remember it like it just happened...  the sky was blue.  The sun was warm.  I can still hear the way the ocean sounded and the children laughing down shore.  Nothing special happened.  I was just sitting there taking it all in & Gods presence was there.  It was 1972.  When I returned to my parents, they thought something was wrong because I had been gone so long & looked drowsy.  What they had seen was the peace I carried with me from that moment.  I want to feel that again. 
That aliveness.  You feel it a lot.  I know you do."

I'm always humbled when I hear how other people see me.
Truth be told, a lot of the time I am a frenzied single Mama trying to find some simplicity in this busy life of mine.  Trying to make ends meet & becoming anxious when they don't.  It is true, I do look for the good in everything.  I do seek moments of wonder, when that higher energy immerses itself in everything.  But, I also keep a bottle of rescue remedy in my purse along with a couple different essential oils at all times. 

My journey did indeed start with a moment like he shared with me.  I was in my early teens,
We lived in a 100 year old farmhouse surrounded by woods.  I had a habit of wandering those woods in the afternoons after school.  On one of those walks, I came across a huge boulder deep in the woods.  It was covered in a moss so brilliantly green with aliveness.  It was early Spring & the fresh smell of earthy mud filled the air.  The rays of sunshine danced through the bare branches in such a way that it reminded me of the drawings we used to do as children..long lines shooting out from a golden orb.  I laid back on that rock feeling it's coolness through my cardigan.  I ran my hands through the moss.  I breathed the cool Spring air in deeply & stared at the brilliant blue sky through the branches.  I don't know how long I had laid there, but it was just past dark when I finally made my way home. 
A knowing entered me at that moment. 
 From that moment on, I wouldn't walk the same path as those around me.
  There was more to life then this.  And at the very same time, this is all there is.

Have you had a moment in your life when you felt things shift? 
When your energy & consciousness may have changed?
A moment when everything was so concentrated & condensed you could taste it with your being?

I encourage you to share it below in the comments. 
Or in your blog & link it here.  I'd love to hear your story.

~Love & Light ~

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