Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Snowgasm 2011"

Yes, I seriously heard it called that yesterday.


It seems most of the blizzard has past through & now we are enjoying the big fat fluffy flakes of lake effect snow. It has been snowing for 30+ hours.

Other then wonky internet access, all has been well.

Lots of baking, making, reading & snowplay..

I'll write more tomorrow.

My arms are killing me at the moment from digging out most of the last two days.

A kind stranger came by & plowed my driveway this evening.

Last night, we had Thundersnow for about 20 minutes. That was WILD!

I love snow days.

School & work have been canceled for tomorrow as well

& we are looking forward to another fun day at home.

For now..I'll leave you with some fun photos.

Be safe & warm friends!!!


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