Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ One Small Change ~

Last year, I started seeing the One Small Change posts on so many blogs.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.

We all have the ability to create a ripple in the world with actions large & small.

In Andy & Suzy's words,

"We are challenging you to make one environmentally friendly change each month. If you wish to join us, here is how it works!

1. Choose a change that you want to bring into your life that is going to reduce your carbon footprint. It can be big or it can be small...just decide on one change....if you need ideas check out our "What Can I Change Page", browse through old posts for ideas, or simply email us and we would be glad to help!

2. At the beginning of each month leave a comment on this blog to the appropriate blog post (the blog post will be titled "May Change", "June Change", etc.) letting us know what you plan to change. Come back mid month to leave comments with updates and read about what others are doing. If you blog about your change, please leave a link to your blog post.

3. That's it! So easy, so fun, so rewarding, and so important!Throughout the months we will write posts offering support, ideas, inspiration, surprise giveaways and guest posts from our participants so check back often."

It really is a sweet community they have going over there.

We have done many little things over the years that have just become a way of life

but this inspires me to do more. What areas have we slacked on?

What could we do better with?

In January, I ran out of paper towels while cleaning the bathroom.

I used to buy 2-3 rolls a year for the really icky jobs.

We use cloth napkins & dishtowels in the kitchen

so there really isn't a whole lot of use for them.

(unless you ask the kids who seem to go crazy wanting the

cardboard tube when a roll is finished for some project!)

So, it really wasn't a big decision to just not buy anymore.

I cut up a couple old t-shirts & added them to the rag bin in the laundry room.

There you have it, other then t. paper, we are done with

disposable paper products in this house.

For this month, I am going to work on our recycling system.

Since we moved early last Fall, we haven't been quite so organized.

I'd like to see our waste reduced by at least half by the end of the month.

Also, I will begin knitting some washcloths for the kitchen.

In March, I plan to green up our dishwashing.

Somehow, buying biodegradable dishsoap

& recycling the bottle doesn't seem like enough.

Check out the One Small Change Blog for more information & to jump in.

Every little bit matters.

~~~~Love & Light Friends~~~~

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