Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 4th

The last day of Winter break.
We painted his bedroom & decorated it with all the Star Wars things
 & bedding he got for Christmas while she played dj for us just outside the door.
We listened to music from the 1930's most of the day.
I adore her love for different time periods.
She laughed harder then I've heard her since before dad died. 
It's music to my soul to see my daughter finding joy again.
They were a little more kind to each other and a lot more lovey towards me.
I sure will miss them when they go back to school.
The evening found me enjoying a long, hot bath with a Lush bath bomb 
& a radio show about talking to your angel guides.  
Followed by knitting a scarf for a dear friends wonderful husband while the thought rolled through my head about how interesting it is that life has brought me to a point where I even believe in angels.
Everything happens for a reason.
I feel my consciousness expanding every single day.
Forever grateful.

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