Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30th

she made glee club.
he went on a long hike at school.
we all hiked together after school at our favorite farm.
she went to piano lessons.
he joined me at the health food store.

We talked about angels with a friend.
I cried standing by her door. 
I admitted to her how bad my heart has been aching again 
these last couple weeks as I grieve the loss of my daddy~o. 
I've tried to be strong for months now.
Her eyes knew & her hug was comforting.

We got home and..
she worked on her baroque report.
he started to feel down.
she worried as she fell asleep.
he took a bath with eucalyptus oils and epsom salts.  
a friend showed up at 10:30 at night when the herbs wouldn't work.  
she was literally our life saver.. our angel.  

As I edited the photos from our hike, I should've seen it coming on.  
His eyes were red & shoulders hunched. 
At the store, he asked for horehound cough drops.  
He barely ate.
The asthma came on suddenly and I was not prepared.  
When one kid is sleeping & another needs medical care,
 this single mama gig can get tricky. 
It really does take a village.
I started crying right after she left.. 
something strange.. on a soul level.. 
of a Mama worried about her baby (who was also sick with asthma)  
rushing out to help another mama with her baby. 
I feel like we've done this before. 
In a different time.
 I don't know how to explain it.... but it was some serious soul deja vu. 

I'll sleep light tonight.

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