Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It was a good week.

Although there are a few days of school left,
we are clearly pretending we are on a Summertime schedule
 & I find myslef saying Yes! a lot more.

Yes to quick bike rides at 8:45 pm.
Yes.. raspberries, hummus & pita chips are a suitable dinner.
Yes, you may skip combing your hair today.
Yes! Go play with the hose!
Yes, we can go to the store solely to buy popsicles & ice cream to fill the freezer!
Yes, we can skip our obligations and head to the beach this evening.
SO what if our sink is full of dishes, sand & grass clippings are covering the floor and clean laundry sits in a pile unfolded?

These children are only children for so long and this life can be full & hectic.

So, Yes, I will take off work to attend the last couple field trips of the year
Yes, I will enjoy every. single. minute.
 because 5th & 3rd grade will be over before we know it
and this moment is all we ever have.


1 comment:

  1. Love this! I think you said "yes" to all the right things!
    Angela from Peach Coglo