Monday, June 6, 2011

:: Over the Last Couple Weeks ::

She got 1st place

 and here.

He got honorable mention.

 We've soaked up the sunshine & warm weather at the lake whenever we find a spare moment.

He's made me laugh with my whole body.

again & again & again.

He won. 

We've filled the weekends with a Summer time schedule.

She's snuck to my bed for some snuggles more then usual.

There were rehearsal dinners & flowers & big preperations.

He ran his first 5k

And proudly beat his time by 49 seconds.

Some furniture was painted.

 I proudly stood by her side as my Best Friend of 30 years got married.
 And they looked so grown up, they brought me to tears each time I looked their way.


The days have been full in our neck of the woods for sure. 
 All of these photos are from my iphone..moments captured here & there. 
This week we ended another season of Soccer, finished up Cross Country Training & made it through a very special wedding.  I feel as if I have nothing to do now with 6 days of practice eliminated. 
As we wind down through this last week of school, I cannot help but be filled with excitement with the thought of blissful Summer days with my babies.
Sunshine, laughter, popsicles & adventures.
I can take a deep breath now because we made it through so much these last few months.

I hope to be spending more time writing & visiting with you all in this space..
Much love.


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