Friday, January 14, 2011

This week I...

~ celebrated the life of my beautiful NINE *gasp* year old with loads of friends & family we went ice skating and there was much laughter over mexican food (her fav!)

~ shoveled & shoveled & shoveled some more. We had a pretty heavy Lake Effect snow storm that canceled school for the kids.

~ finished knitting 2 hats & a scarf...on to a head wrap & wristwarmers for myself today!

~ Met a couple sweet new clients & massaged a few old favorites that have been with me for years.

~ Soup, soup & more soup in rotation & never ending on the stove. Combined with my favorite quick biscuit recipe & sometimes homemade crescent rolls. Recipes posted soon..

~ recieved a very special thank you gift from a very special librarian. this deserves a post of it's own!

~ saved an old coffee table from a friend.. painted it & decorated it inspired by our library fairy corner.

~ bought myself a "birth" day present... More last Minute Knitted Gifts *swoon*

~ Kept the kids home from school so we could head out to snowshoe & Snowboard in the Dunes.

Best decision ever.

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