Sunday, April 18, 2010

:: Week 4 of Cleansing ::

The ladies I work with and a few other holistic health practitioners out of Chicago decided to start a Spring Cleanse together. We started on the Equinox and today marks 4 weeks behind us and well..umm..14 weeks to go *ouch*
I work in an Acupuncture Clinic & am constantly giving advice on holistic, whole food nutrition but over the last couple years I have let my own weight creep up on me as I eat a little too many of these wonderful foods. Moderation. Yep..I may need some of that *ahem* So who is going to listen to a practitioner offering advice on health who is in poor shape herself? What was I thinking letting myself go???
Life gets a single working Mom, I find myself eating on the go a lot. I've just adjusted myself to preparing healthier foods to bring along with me and enjoy on the go.
I won't lie. It hasn't been easy.
But it is getting easier.
And I feel great.

My skin has cleared up..I have more digestion is wonderful..and my clothes fit better. I also make a point of walking the beach or hiking the dunes at least 5 times a week. This isn't just about weight loss to me but about transforming my whole lifestyle. I want to feel great ALL the time. I want to set an example for my kids in this fast food obsessed world they live in. I want to make the most positive choices for my body so I can carry that out throughout the whole of my life.

This is a super intense plan of diet, cleansing supplements, sweating and drinking lots of water. Basically, we can eat...

* All meats (except pork)
* Vegetables
* Fruits (except oranges)
* Eggs
* Brown rice (short or long grain)
* Brown rice cakes (plain)
* Brown rice cereal (hot)
* Tea, Coffee

* For cooking or salad dressing: extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed coconut, apricot or almond oils (most other oils are toxic to the body.)
*Seasonings include: Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, salt, pepper, lemon, etc. (as long as there are no sugars, yeast, or anything not on the PLAN.
*naturally raised and organic foods

As a vegetarian, finding my protein has been a bit of a challenge but very doable. The meal options are way more for my friends who eat meat.

As I get settled into this new way of eating, I find myself getting more and more creative in my meal planning and snacking. Scrambled eggs are pretty delicious with slices of pear or apple in them. Roasted sweet potatoes with a dash of cinnamon and sea salt are a great snack food. In my smoothies, I add coconut milk for a little creaminess. I found out that guacamole is just as tasty on a brown rice cake as a chip. That sliced tomatoes, fresh basil & olive oil are delicious without my usual fresh mozzarella & balsamic. And I've been able to satisfy my sweet tooth more with fruit & this delicious sugar free coconut milk "ice cream" {which is somewhat a cheat because it has Agave & Dried Coconut but goodness gracious is it yummy to enjoy small bites of with fresh banana, pineapple or blueberries on top)

I just can't wait for Week 9 when I can add back in: dried fruit, juices, soy sauce, vinegar, legumes, tofu, nuts, and popcorn!

It's amazing how much I've craved tofu and almonds. week four comes to an end, here are the numbers that motivate me..

I've lost 21 lbs and just over 2 points on my BMI!!!!

Now THAT is something to celebrate...Cheers to abundant health and well being!

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