Thursday, April 29, 2010

{ Jump }

I don't have a lot of words within me lately..or time to post on here actually.
There is a lot of emotion flowing through these bones though.
Things are moving so fast at the moment.
This week is a HUGE life changing week.
Many doors are closing behind me.
About 6 months ago I moved into my Aunts house to pay off debt built up in a 10 year relationship with my ex who walked away from it all.
This gave me a great opportunity to get ahead of it all for which I am incredibly grateful.
It has been a lot of work but that is taken care of now.

I found out last week that he is getting remarried Saturday.
To the woman that has kept him out of his kids lives for a year and a half now.
He called out of the blue and asked to have them at his wedding.
He hasn't seen them in 5 months although he lives 5 minutes away.
As a matter of fact, I could count on my fingers how many times hes seen them in the last year.
I am grieving for them still..but proud of the present we have created as a family of three.
They are amazing souls. And have found a kind of peace and wisdom in this that I suspect comes from being old souls. Understanding way beyond their years.

Saturday is the same day I am moving into our new Summer home on Lake Michigan.
And having an Open House at my office that we are expecting around 200 people to attend.
And a picnic meet & greet for the newly formed environmentally focused charter school my kids were accepted to next autumn.

Closure on the past...a future full of greatness all within one day.
wow...I'm overwhelmed.
I'm tired.
I am so so happy.
We have come so far.
Next week, I hope to sit on our new porch, kids snuggled close..
the lake serenading us and we can all exhale.
And breathe in again together knowing
that all is well in our world
love really is all you need.

~Here's to Jumping~

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