Monday, October 19, 2009

What I'd Really Like to Know

We have had a really rough week. Maya was sick for 4 days with the flu last week and around 3am today, River woke up crying & feverish. I have been up & down all night, every night.. for a week now taking care of my poor sick babes. I am happy to report that Miss Maya has recovered & is doing well. She went back to school today & only has a mild cough left. Now, I'm meditating on getting River well & keeping all of our immune systems strong through this coming season.

On one hand, I am eating up all the snuggle time I am getting with them. It is so rare these days and I can't help but be a little selfish.

On the other hand, don't you just ache when your children are sick? There is no worse feeling in the world then knowing your baby is hurting & there is nothing you can do. Well besides the whole tea & herbs, rest & plenty of liquids bit...and lots & lots of lovin'...but, you know..

Just a few moments ago, my boy claimed to be "wide awake" from napping all day (as his heavy eyes kept closing) and he also claimed that he was really "tired-ish awake" and asked me to read some Dune Boy to him in bed.

So I did...and as I suspected he was asleep minutes into the book.

I stayed & stared...
I rubbed his head & the downy, baby hair that still grows on his forehead..
I caressed is soft, still slightly chubby arm and marveled how at some angles he looks so grown up, like a little man and at other angles he looks just as he did the day he was born..round, rosey cheeks, hair sticking to his moist forehead...

...and I cried.

...and I'm crying still.

What I would like to know is....
:: Will the next ten years go by as quickly as the first?

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