Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ten Days of Honoring my Sweet Boy

Has it really been 10 years?
Is that possible?
Can it be so?
Seems like only yesterday,
I was watching my belly grow.

You stretched and squirmed and hiccuped,
and wriggled all around.
Growing deep within me,
It was true love that I found.

On the day that you were born,
I felt my world stand still,
as I held you in my arms
and your tiny hands unfurled.

I laid there wondering how,
the rest of the world could do,
their day to day activities,
as I cradled life so new.

For a miracle had happened
& he was curled in my embrace,
Shouldn't we all be singing and celebrating?
Have you seen his beautiful face?

"Welcome to the World Sweet Boy!
We are so glad you came!"
I quietly whispered in your ear,
as we gave to you, your name.

River, for your place of birth,
in the warm waters of a birthing pool on our kitchen floor.
Wildmen, so you may have the courage
to embrace a life of adventure as you walk outside our door.

I promise to encourage & nourish you
And value all your dreams.
For I believe your heart & mine,
are connected at the seams.

I've never felt prouder,
Never felt so much pride,
As saying your my son,
And just knowing your alive.

You ARE.
And for that I am forever blessed.
I am thankful everyday for you.
I think your just the best~

I am still the lucky one..
And you will forever be my sweet, sweet boy.
my baby sunshine, my woogie, my bubba, my Rivee,
The one who taught me joy.

Never forget sweet boy, how much love I have for you..
& ever
& always!

(to the moon & beyond)

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