Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Functional Knitting on the Soccer Field

Being a single Mama of two very active, involved children can sometimes be stressful.
I find a lot my evenings & weekends spent driving here & there in the car to take one or the other to some event, party or game.  After a long day in the office, I admit, knitting is my meditation.
After taking on so much energy massaging people & doing energy work, I see my knitting as my Mala and each stitch a reminder to be present.  It allows me the time to clear my mind of all I took in during the day, while keeping my hands busy.

So, I have a confession to make... I knit in the carpool line.
And at stop lights, waiting for cross country practice to end,  horseback riding lessons & even on the soccer field.
And for the last couple weeks, that knitting has been purely for a functional purpose.
(don't you just love it when you can make something that is useful around the house?)

The simple kitchen washcloth.

My Grandma had many of these and I have fond memories of standing by her side washing dishes when I was little..the smell of the green Palmolive dish soap, the way the fluorescent light glowed over the sink while the rest of the kitchen was dark, the wrinkles on Grandmas hands and the sound of Da's laughter watching television in the next room.  In an effort to green up my house cleaning even more, I decided to ditch the kitchen sponge & create a nice stash of hand knits.

So, for the last two weeks, I have had a dishcloth in progress in my purse at all times.
Quick rows & such a simple pattern that I don't even have to look when I'm working on them giving me more time to watch the kids kick about on the field..or for the light to turn green in some cases.  ;) 

The original pattern I found on Ravelry turned out much too big for my liking when washing dishes so I modified the pattern a bit making it smaller. 
These are easy enough that you can whip out several in a day knitting a line here & there. 
Here's to functional knitting & my favorite time of year... Soccer season! 

Grandma's Dishcloth's
Use any of the 100% cotton worsted weight yarns,
such as Peaches & Creme, Lion Cotton, Bernat Handicrafter.
size US 7 or US 6 needles

CO 4 Stitches  
Knit the 1st row.

K2, YO, K to end *** repeat this row until you have 30 stitches (small) or 44 stitches (large) on your needles.

Begin decrease

K1, K2tog, Yo, K2tog, K to end *** repeat until you have 4 stitches left on your needles.

Bind off. 
 Weave in all ends & enjoy. 


  1. Oh my! It DOES sound like you're a busy one :) I think your knitting is fabulous, both for it's purpose in your life and for the beauty of the finished product! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Wow, nothing like all of that running to and 'fro. Love that you knit anywhere. I am trying to but I have a difficult time with a two y.o. running around-sometimes it works out!

  3. hooray for this!! knitted washies were my crutch last year & well, bless 'em for sure :)

    those little projects like that keep us mamas sane!!