Thursday, October 21, 2010

{ this moment}

( lovin' on the farm kitties...our weekly trip for milk, eggs & Amish butter )
This week I am grateful for...
1. The many massage clients who allow me to lay my hands on them & help them to relax & find their center. They in turn, help me find mine.
2. The passionate, inspiring group of parents who showed up for the 1st of what I hope turns into a long run of monthly meetings for a new Attachment Parenting & Natural Family Living Group I am a part of starting.
3. Sanders Farm...our local family owned resource of raw milk, local honey, fresh eggs, Amish butter & lots of farm entertainment.
4. The little girl who crawled into my bed this morning for "one more snuggle" before school.
5. The young man who is becoming a little activist & planting seeds for
change every where he goes.
6. The head of the labor & delivery unit at our very conservative local hospital coming to me as a massage client & changing my view on what hospital staff believes to be normal labor & me the chance to discuss my own 2 homebirths with her...& offering to give my number to women in need of a doula.
We have the ability to change the world every moment.
We plant seeds with every action, every word, every thought.
What are you grateful for this week??


  1. Grateful for; YOU! Bowing down to your lotus feet, om, x x x Katie x

  2. What a sweet picture! I love your gratitude list. I too am grateful for morning "one more" cuddles!

  3. So beautiful! I am grateful for my little boy's cuddles all night long. Here he is at the oumpkin patch:

  4. Grateful for relaxed Saturday mornings, tea, newspaper, blogs!

  5. Adorable and fun photo! Hmm, loving your list.
    I am grateful for a sweet and supportive husband, my hands, time to paint, fall, mama bloggers, and my kiddos! Thanks for sharing! Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)