Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~ A Blessed Autumn Equinox ~

This morning, I awoke at 6am by the warmth of a little boy & girl (well, maybe not so little anymore) who had crawled into my bed for a snuggle before school.
After a celebratory breakfast of Apple Flapjacks (Fall is a pretty big deal around here), we all rushed our separate ways to school & to the office.

I spent the day researching herbal cough syrups for our upcoming workshop while they learned about Native Americans & the coyote roaming the woods near their school.

By early afternoon, I was missing my babies pretty bad.
I needed to get out of that office & get some fresh air.

I grabbed some water & my camera & headed to pick them up so we could enjoy our annual Autumn Equinox hike.

The woods were full of magic today.
Mushrooms, flowers, seed pods & bumblebees.
We felt as if we were teeny tiny elves walking through the world in wonder.

After making a couple fairy houses & collecting small bits for our nature table, we ventured off into the river bed to get down & dirty.

The treasures we found were plenty.
The air was crisp & damp.
The sun peeked through the clouds every now & again.

We laughed & sang.
Jumped for joy.
Thanked the Earth for all her bounty &
acknowledged the changing of the seasons.

And then we made a trip to the yarn shop to pick out some
wonderful wool for Mama-made Autumn hats.
The kids took an hour knitting lesson, while I admired the lovely skeins...
daydreaming about all the knitting that will soon be filling my days.
Ahhh Autumn, we missed you so!
Equinox, when the scales are again balanced in perfect equilibrium,
honors equal day, equal night.
A time for introspection..
turning leaves, turning inward..
look deep within your soul..
we change the world when we change ourselves.
A Blessed Mabon to you all! ♥ Happy Autumn!!!


  1. That sounds like a lovely fall day...

  2. Aah, Sara! A beautiful story delicately woven around your equinox. Happy, happy, joy, joy. With Love, Katie x