Sunday, August 22, 2010

~ Back to School ~

It's 10 pm.
Bags are packed.
Pencils are sharpened.
Clothes are laid out.
Bread is just finishing baking for sandwiches.
Two stories read aloud & three lullabies sung.
Two beautiful, excited children are finally sleeping.
Tomorrow, school starts.
I officially have a 5th & 3rd grader.

Friday morning, we were able to go into our school for the very 1st time & to meet our teachers. Discovery Charter is a brand new school. For the last year, we have attended many meetings, wrote letters to the newspaper editors, voted, signed petitions & rallied support of this new environmentally focused green school. It was very interesting to be a part of the process. Many people were against this school because our public school system really is amazing. It was a tough choice to leave our old school. They were like family to us with a staff so kind and loving. I was involved in many debates with close friends who opposed it & teachers who were worried about funding. But decisions had to be made & I am beyond thrilled that we have this opportunity.
As we begin a school year filled with new beginnings & not really knowing what to expect, I have watched my children go from anxious about it all to being incredibly confident & brave.
Some of the things that make this school amazing ::
1. All lunches will be organic/locally grown when possible with a vegetarian option offered every day.
2. All oil used in cooking will be recycled to make biofuel.
3. The cafeteria will be zero waste. What can't be composted will be reused &
all sack lunches must be packed with no waste.
4. We have a Composting Committee.. how cool is that?!?
5. The children will spend at least 1 hour a day hiking & learning outdoors in all kinds of weather (unless of course there is lightening or danger.)
6. The school is located right next door to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore & has a trail system being built through the woods & wetlands.
7. Cross Country Skis & Snowshoes are being purchased for Winter outdoor activities.
8. The school was an older building that had been converted using the greenest methods.
9. Nature themed artwork & photography lines the walls of every hallway highlighting the beauty of the area we live in.
10. Children are inspired to learn in such a way that they hold on to a sense of wonder & develop a connection with the world around them.
I really could go on and on.
It's all so new..we shall see how it goes.
Don't you just love the fresh possibilities of a new school year?

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  1. all i can say is JEALOUS! that sounds like heaven on earth to me.