Monday, March 8, 2010

{Maple Sugar Time}

We know Spring is in the air when the sap starts flowing from the trees. Our favorite little farm has a festival every Spring & Fall honoring this wonderful sweetness. We so look forward to marks the changing of seasons for us in a big way.

There is still a chill to the air but we also notice the earthy smell of Spring mingling with the sweetness of maple syrup & campfire smoke. This is by far one of my favorite smells in life.

The Native Americans cooked the sap down to a dark maple sugar by placing hot stones into hollowed out logs full of sap. The steam rising from these bowls smells absolutely amazing.

If you listen closely, you can hear the tap tap tap of the sap dripping into the buckets all around us..

As the settlers arrived, the Natives taught them about this wonderful treat that flows from the trees and they were able to advance the process with the use of cooking kettles and glass jars to store the syrup in. [again..the mmm mm]

And then we move on to my favorite building in the whole. wide. world.
The Sugar Shack.
The name says it all my friends. A hundred years or so ago, this house was used solely for processing syrup. As you step inside from the cold, your are literally hugged by the sweet warmth of the steam rising from the pans. I could stay here all day long.

Signs of Spring are everywhere..

Whenever we eat maple sugar candy, we feel like we are visiting the Little House in the Big Woods. The energy surrounding this farm makes us want to live the life of the Ingalls family. It is such an inspiring place to visit.

And there is nothing..I mean this world as lovely as Maple Candy on a wet, muddy day as Winter begins to make it's exit.


  1. Your pictures tell this story beautifully. Those hollow log bowls are so great. My oldest daughter wants to live "just like Laura"!

  2. ohhh we so want to live like Laura & Mary. My daughter wants to take fiddle lessons like Pa and has named one of her waldorf dolls Baby Thanks for commenting. I'm heading over to check out your blog now :)