Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I've Meant to Blog About...

Wow- is it really the end of February?
Life has been flying by here in a whirlwind.
Work has really taken off full speed.
I find myself finally falling into a new rhythm of balancing life as a single Mama & this Massage/Acupuncture practice.
This last year has been defiantly one of finding myself again and regaining my footing.
I do feel oh so alive again..It is a beautiful feeling.
In the meantime I've wanted to jump on board with the One Small Change blog group..the photography projects..I have several WIPs that I just haven't had time to finish or post about and I'm still gently reminding myself to get back into that daily Yoga routine and self care practice. I feel as if my life has been shaking..rocking..trying to find it's place settled in a groove. Big changes are happening all around me and I feel an intense surge of something big being on the horizon for my sweet little family. I am very excited for everything to fall into place. The power of intention and positive thinking has proved itself strong these last couple months.
Can you tell by my writing that my mind is just all over the place at the moment?
I do promise to make this writing a regular thing again and in the meantime I will be posting photos of "Things I Meant to Blog About" with few words to get back in the routine of visiting this space.
It is so very good for my soul.

~Some Valentines printmaking took place in these parts by a certain 10 year old who was very inspired trying out a new method of art.

Goodness..I just can't get over how grown up he is starting to look..

~And this sweet girl sure enjoyed herself watercolor painting hears for all her friends..

Bright Blessings to you and yours..

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